Constantine has been cast with Welsh actor Matt Ryan


Finally, the long national nightmare is over, and a British actor has been cast as John Constantine! Although I thought it would be one of the dead guys from Game of Thrones, it’s Matt Ryan, seen in Criminal Minds, The Tudors, Layer Cake and other reputable productions.

Constantine is being readied as a TV show for NBC with Daniel Cerone (Dexter) writing the script. David Goyer is exec producing it because he exec produces everything. Game of Thrones enters the pictures with Neil Marshall, a GoT alum who will direct the pilot.

Constantine, as you probably know, starred for 150 issues of Hellblazer, the Vertigo book, before being retrofitted to the DCU in a slightly more PG version in Constantine. He’s best known as a cheeky, sardonic Scouse supernatural detective who shuffles around in a ratty trenchcoat, fighting demons and maggots while saying cheeky, sardonic things.

The role was previously assayed in a film by Keanu Reeves, who is not cheeky, sardonic or remotely Scouse. We may not have ended pollution or prejudice in our times, but Constantine will be played by an Brit, so we have, indeed, made some progress as a civilization.

Source: TheBeat


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