Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/24/14: Do not read the comments

§ Joe Illidge writes about the casting of the new Johnny Storm and other race related issues about comics and movies. And he makes a good point:

Black people will have a projected buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars by next year. That’s what this is about. Not your nostalgia or prejudices or self-centeredness or strange sense of ownership. Demographics, buying power, and spending tendencies. And with that realization, as we all simmer down from the one million degree nova blast that our beloved Johnny Storm is known for, let’s admit a few things.

I haven’t payed much attention to the foolish barrage of racism over Michael B. Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm. A hot young actor has been cast in a flashy role, and the world will go on. Just go read Illidge’s piece…but DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THE COMMENTS. There are many foolish people in the world.

§ On a similar note, the Beat’s resident demographic analyst Brett Schenker also has a podcast, Graphic Policy Radio, and the latest one talks about X-Men and the MLK Legacy Roundtable with a fine lineup including Steve Attewell, David Brothers, Gene Demby, Aaron Rand Freeman, Emma Houxbois and Kendra James. Should be interesting.


§ CBR chats with Irish artist Declan Shalvey, whose Moon KNight art is lookin’ good.

Style’s bollocks, man. Too many artists are too obsessed with achieving a “style.” They concentrate on what the product looks like rather than how it’s made. The snazziest looking car isn’t necessarily the best one right? (disclaimer: I know NOTHING about cars). I think the key is as you said; voice. A singer, a dancer, a painter, etc., has a voice. As a comics artist, you’re telling a story — what type of story do you want to tell? A blockbuster action flick? An indie move? A rom-com movie? In learning and studying the craft, you will find your voice. Aiming to be marketable and all that, I dunno, it’s a waste of time I feel.

§ Screenwriter Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) chats with My Central Jersey about All Hail the King, the Mandarin short he directed for the Thor: The Dark World DVD and reveals his dream Marvel movies he’d like to direct:

The idea of directing a Marvel movie is a dream I dare not broach. Obviously it has to be the right property. There are definitely characters and comics I would love to put on screen, one of which is Runaways, which I wrote the script for a few years ago and is still for me one of the great untapped Marvel ideas. And this obscure comic called Damage Control from the ’80s that is much better known in America than it ever was in England. It’s the idea of watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the point of view of blue-collar, working-class powered and unpowered guys whose job it is to clean up the crap after these grandiose superheroes have destroyed the cities we live in. It just seems a very original idea to approach the genre.

Can we all get behind those?

Source: TheBeat


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