All-Star Western is NOT Cancelled

Contrary to the reports from this past week, writer Jimmy Palmiotti has taken to Twitter – and The Beat’s comment section – to state that All-Star Western has not been cancelled by DC.

And in fact, seeing as how it hasn’t been cancelled with issue #31 – how about we do a mini-campaign today to get some more people trying out the series?


I get a bit tired with cancellation-worshippers online, sometimes, who seem to wait until a series is cancelled before jumping into comment threads and declaring their own brilliance at having avoided the series completely. Or that they knew from the start that a series was doomed, because it tackled a different genre or featured a female lead or whatever. I sometimes think, y’know, maybe we should do more to offer a bit of support for titles we’re enjoying.

Of the thirty-ish issues of All-Star Western which have come out so far, I’ve read probably around twenty of them – and I’ve enjoyed the majority of what I’ve read. There’s been a steady creative team in the form of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Moritat since the very first issue – back in 2011 – and they’ve tackled a mainstream DC title which is set in the distant past and tells western stories.

That is, surely, one of the things we want to see more of from DC? Risks like that, with a consistent creative team? So what I’d suggest, today, is - you try an issue. The current arc has been teaming lead character Jonah Hex up with a variety of different characters – from Superman to Swamp Thing – for a series of one-and-done issues. If you’d like to see what it’s like when a creative team get given a longer leash by their publisher – head to Comixology today and try an issue.

Or, when the next issue – issue #29 - is released next month and you see it in your local store… try it? At most, you’ve lost a few dollars you might’ve spent on a coffee. And maybe you’ll find a new comic you like.

I might try this a few times over the next few months, perhaps, on The Beat. Looking at the indie sales chart here on the site, there are many other acclaimed series which could always do with a sales boost. And hey, we have a bit of a soapbox here that I can use, people read the site a little – what if once a fortnight or so we gather together and offer a little surge of support for a series we think more people should read? Head to ComiXology or our LCS and try something we’ve seen on the shelves, but never tried until now.

In the comments below, please let us know if you try an issue of All Star Western, and let us know if you enjoyed it, too! And what other books do you think should be getting a little more attention from readers? I know the majority of fans don’t take pleasure from hearing that a comic has been cancelled – which titles would you like to try and give a Beat Boost to? Maybe we can create a ripple effect! Maybe?

Source: TheBeat


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